Empowering Young Men
and Women for Life

About Madison Prep


Madison Preparatory Academy for Young Men and Madison Preparatory Academy for Young Women (Madison Prep) are two proposed charter schools that will serve as a catalyst for change and opportunity. Our mission is to prepare young men and women for success at a four-year college or university by instilling excellence, pride, leadership and service.

To achieve this mission, students will receive an education that:

  • Challenges them to develop mastery of basic and advanced knowledge, concepts and skills
  • Deepens their understanding of and competence in science, technology, communications, and social innovation
  • Builds their cultural competence, developing their ability to participate effectively and with significant awareness and understanding in their culture and the culture of others in the U.S. and abroad
  • Provides them with a supportive peer group that values their abilities and desire to succeed in school and life
  • Extends their network of support in school and in the communities where they live


Madison Prep Scholars, as they will be referred to within the school community, will reflect a significant desire to succeed in school and life. They will maintain a lifelong commitment to learning, living well, and serving others.

Individuals who come into contact with Madison Prep Students will recognize how confident, focused, informed, articulate, and thoughtful they are about their future plans, their commitment to service and humanity, and their tremendous drive to succeed. Their high level of competence, confidence, and community connections will enable them to overcome challenging obstacles and make the most of their opportunities.

Armed with advanced knowledge, a keen intellect, a healthy awareness of their strengths and limitations, the ability to communicate effectively, the ability to  lead with purpose, and a network of influential men and women in the community to support their development, Madison Prep’s Students will be successful.


  • Graduate young men and women who are ready to pursue post-secondary education.
  • Instill in young men and women habits of excellent work, effective leadership, demonstrated pride, and community service.
  • Engage positive male and female role models in the training, coaching and development of our students.
  • Build strong partnerships between parents, teachers, and community that help Madison Prep Scholars succeed.