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03-06-2012 Isthmus Daily Page: Madison school board candidates Mary Burke and Michael Flores discuss why they are running, poverty in the schools

03-02-2012 Nextgen Journal

03-01-2012 Isthmus Daily Page: What do we want to be? Former mayor Dave Cieslewicz asks hard questions about Madison’s future

02-29-2012 CT: District in Distress: School Board races buffeted by achievement gap tensions

02-26-2012 WSJ: John Carey: Public schools blamed for societal failures

02-23-2012 The Madison Times: Parks Place/Kaleem Caire: We need transformational change, and we can do it!

02-20-2012 CT: Madison360: On school ‘gap’ issue, there’s also a gap between leaders

02-19-2012 WSJ: Jerry Darda: Consider residential schools in some cases

12-25-2011  WSJ: David Blaska: Steve Jobs would have liked Madison Prep

12-23-2011 Ed Hughes School Blog:  We Blew it On Madison Prep

12-22-2011 Isthmus: The agony of Madison Prep

12-22-2011 WSJ Editorial: School Board can’t ignore 48%

12-22-2011 WSJ: Madison Prep organizers: ‘We will open our doors in 2012′

12-22-2011 Channel3000.com Madison Prep Proponents Not Giving Up On School

12-21-2011 WSJ: Madison Prep proponents raise possibility of creating private school

12-21-2011 CT Grass Roots: What happens now to the passion over Madison Prep?

12-20-2011 Channel3000.com: Urban League Plans Legal Action After Madison Prep Vote Fails

12-20-2011 Isthmus: School board rejects Madison Prep, supporters pledge discrimination suit

12-20-2011 WSJ: School Board votes down Madison Prep

12-20-2011 Channel3000.com: School Board Votes No On Madison Prep Proposal

12-19-2011 WMTV: Update: MMSD votes no on Madison Prep

12-19-2011 Channel3000.com: Madison Prep Appears Doomed Before Vote

12-19-2011 WSJ: Beth Moss: Why I can’t support Madison Prep

12-19-2011 WSJ: Kaleem Caire: Nothing will change if we do nothing — or more of the same

12-18-2011 CT: Find a way to make Madison Prep work

12-18-2011 WSJ: Where is UW support for charter school?

12-18-2011 WSJ Editorial: Don’t reject Madison Prep

12-18-2011 CT Grass Roots: So what do students think about Madison Preparatory Academy?

12-16-2011 Channel3000.com: Michael Ford: Milwaukee’s lessons for Madison Prep

12-16-2011 Channel3000.com: Chamber Of Commerce Endorses Madison Prep Plan

12-15-2011 WSJ: School Board’s Hughes would support Madison Prep if it opens in 2013

12-15-2011 Channel3000.com: Commentary: District, Urban League Need To Come Together On Madison Prep

12-15-2011 WSJ: John A. Matthews: Why MTI can’t support Madison Prep

12-15-2011 WSJ: Nerad to unveil plan to help low-income minority students

12-13-2011 CT: Maya Cole: Why I will vote against Madison Prep

12-13-2011 WSJ: Chris Rickert: You’d think this city would back Madison Prep plan

12-13-2011 CT: Kaleem Caire: Will Madison Prep be a dream deferred, opportunity denied?

12-12-2011 CT: Lucy Mathiak: Why I am voting yes on Madison Prep

12-11-2011 WSJ: School Board vote on Madison Prep has consequences

12-10-2011 CT: John Matthews: Why Madison Prep proposal is unacceptable to teachers union

12-9-2011 WSJ Extra Credit: MTI responds on Madison Prep12-9-2011 WSJ: Urban League’s Caire rips school district over Madison Prep opposition

12-8-2011 CT: Grass Roots: Urban League calls on community to come out to support controversial charter school

12-7-2011 Isthmus Citizen Dave: The courage of Kaleem Caire

12-6-2011 CT: Dave Zweifel’s Madison: Let’s get together on Madison Prep

12-5-2011 WMTV: The Future of Madison Prep

12-5-2011 WISC-TV: Supporters of Charter School Hope to Overcome Obstacles

12-5-2011 WIBA: Outside the Box (interview with John Roach)

12-4-2011 WSJ: District officials oppose Madison Preparatory Academy

12-3-2011 CT: Chalkboard: What I learned writing about public schools

12-2-2011 Channel3000.com: Debate to heat up on Madison Preparatory Academy proposal

12-1-2011 Isthmus: Making sense of the controversial charter school

12-1-2011 CT: Chalkboard: School board members float alternatives to Madison Prep charter school

11-25-2011 WSJ: Madison Prep v. Freedom From Religion Foundation

11-20-2011 CT: Chris Rickert: Law, contract limit Madison Prep plan’s promise

 11-20-2011 CT:Chalkboard: Madison Prep accountability, governance issues face School Board

11-16-2011 WISC-TV For the Record: Madison Prep

11-02-2011 CT: Madison Prep’s ambitious plan to close achievement gap sparks vigorous debate

10-29-2011 WSJ: Madison Prep Academy would open in former church on Near West side

10-15-2011 WSJ: Partial business plan gives first look at Madison Prep

10-13-2011 Isthmus: Madison Prep supporters, opponents fight it out

10-12-2011 WSJ: Big boost for intriguing school

10-10-2011 The Insider: Frustrations mount as racial achievement gap persists in Madison Schools

10-09-2011 CT: Q&A with Derrell Connor: WIBA’s ‘Outreach’ host doesn’t mince words

10-07-20211 NBC15: Madison Prep Charter School Receives $2.5 Gift

10-07-2011 Channel3000.com Editorial: Mary Burke And Madison Prep – Game Changer

10-07-2011 Channel3000.com Madison Prep Charter School Receives $2.5M Gift

10-07-2011 Madison.com: Madison Prep advocate Mary Burke donates $2.5 million for academy

10-07-2011 WMTV: Madison Prep Charter School Receives $2.5M Gift

10-07-2011 CT: Chalkboard: Madison Prep gets closer but big questions remain

10-04-2011 Isthmus: Madison school board faces a divided public over Madison Prep

10-04-2011 Channel3000.com: Community Debates Proposed Charter School At Public Hearing

10-03-2011 CT: Why Madison Prep deserves consideration

 10-03-2011 FOX47: Madison Prep Hearing

10-03-2011 WKOW: Nearly 60 speak at hearing on Madison Prep

10-03-2011 WSJ: Frustrations mount as racial achievement gap persists in Madison schools

10-02-2011 Badger Herald: Madison Preparatory Academy first step in closing achievement gap

10-01-2011 WSJ: Prep school agrees to employ union staff

10-01-2011 InBusiness: Rethinking education

09-29-2011: WPR Joy Cardin: Dr. Gloria Ladson-Billings

09-27-2011 WSJ: Chris Rickert: Gender discrimination likely a red herring in charter school discussion

09-26-2011 WSJ: Charter proposal offers a lot

09-22-2011 WSJ: Prep Academy needs to show proof of effectiveness of single-gender education to get grant

9-20-2011 WSJ: Kaleem Caire draws on personal experience to support school alternatives for blacks

09-17-2011 CT: Do you support the concept of the Madison Prep Academy?

09-09-2011 Channel 3000.com: Plan for Madison Charter School will include girls

09-09-2011 CT: Girls’ school notion moves Madison Prep forward with School Board

09-09-2011 WSJ: Madison Prep charter school to get first part of grant

09-08-2011 WSJ: Revised Madison Preparatory Academy plan would create all-girls and all-boys charter schools

09-07-2011 CT: Houston’s public school experiment includes notions proposed for Madison Prep

09-07-2011 JSOnline: A school for boys

09-07-2011 Channel3000.com: Urban League voices concern about meeting on charter school

08-24-2011 CT: State holds off on all-boys charter school; possible bias against girls cited

08-13-2011 WSJ: Caire, supporters have steep uphill battle

08-11-2011 CT: Madison Prep launches website

07-05-2011 IBMadison: What makes Kaleem Caire tick?
07-01-2011 Madison Times: Reversing a bad educational trend with Madison Preparatory Academy

06-27-2011 All About Living With Carol Koby: The Madison Preparatory Academy for Young Men

06-22-2011 Dowtown Rotary Presentation on The Madison Preparatory Academy for Young Me

05-19-2011 NBC15: All-Male Charter School Planned in Madison

05-04-2011 CT: Whose school is it anyway?

05-2011 Simpson Street Free Press: We Support Urban League’s Charter School Proposal

03-2011 Madison Magazine: Hardly Child’s Play

02-22-2011 Blaska’s Blog: Blaska’s Blog agrees: Madison needs Kaleem Caire’s Charter School

12-27-2010 WISC-TV: For the Record

12-23-2010 Isthmus: Kaleem Caire: Change Agent

12-07-2010 Channel3: District leaders learn more about boys-only charter school

11-28-10  WSJ: Admitting failure may be the best for kids

11-22-10  WSJ:  All-male charter school a tough sell

11-16-10 The Progressive: Race and crisis in the schools

11-12-10 CT: Why charter school for African American boys needed

10-28-10  Jody and Joan: Interview with President/CEO Kaleem Caire